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Update Log:

DuoBe 2.6.0

1. Optimize the details of the chat page
2. Fix known issues and improve product stability

DuoBe 2.5.0

1.Add a new entry to the note
2.Newly download the mobile version entrance and manage the changes of the background entrance
3.Optimize the registration process
4.Fix known problems and improve product stability

DuoBe 1.0.0

DuoBe is a corporate communication and collaboration software. It uses your mobile phone's network connection to ensure that private data is more secure through special encryption, while providing multiple rich chat methods, allowing you to establish secure connections with friends, colleagues, and partners.
Through DuoBe's sending and receiving messages, calls, exchanges of photos, videos, documents, voice and video calls, share new things around with friends, exchange life chronicles, discuss 


Reliable means of communication